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St. Gallen [CH] - Route Extension Planned for 2017

J. Lehmann - 18.03.13

For the cantonal public transport program 2014-2018 the municipal Civil Engineering Department has agreed with the VBSG to extend the trolleybus route 3 and to increase the frequency trolleybus routes 1 and 4 in the evening from 20 - to a 15-minute intervals. 500,000 francs is to be set aside for each of these measures.
Under the plan, route 3 is to be extended to St. Georgen and will replace parts of bus routes 2 and 8. About 2.7 km of two-lane overhead wiring must be erected, while about 1 km of the existing overhead of route 5 can be used. Deputy City Engineer Christian Hasler expects a cost of three million francs for the new trolleybus overhead from the turning into Felsenstrasse to St. Georgen Bach, and these have been requested from the Federal Agglomeration Program. Construction work is to begin by 2016 and from 2017 trolleybus route 3 will run to St. Georgen for the first time. The shortened bus routes 2 and 8, which run every 20 minutes throughout the day, will then to be connected to the other bus routes 6, 9, 10, 11 and 12, which end at the railway station.
The municipally owned VBSG will now be converted into two public companies: a transport company and a logistics company. With the two companies, which will remain 100% owned by the city, the business would have a similar structure as the other transport operators in the tariff association. The City Council has already agreed to the change by a majority. A referendum on 06.09.2013 will decide whether the VBSG municipal transport system should now be outsourced.
With the opening of the new station approach, Gutenbergstrasse has been closed to car traffic ahead of the opening of the new St. Gallen Technical College and thus the station forecourt has been reserved for buses. From 10.11.2012 some postal buses have moved their stops in front of the post office instead of their previous positions, and these have also been equipped with electronic departure displays.
Translation: Martin Wright

From 2017 to the extended trolley bus route 3 to St. Georgen is to share Kornhausstrasse with route 5. Here trolleybus 182 is travelling to Riethüsli. Photographer : J. Lehmann

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