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Vidnoye [RU] - Two New Trolleybuses

J. Lehmann - 30.09.13

In mid-2013 the operator received the two new TrolZa-5275 "Optima" trolleybuses, which were given fleet numbers 24 and 25. A similar vehicle entered service with the fleet number 23 in 2011. Of the 10 trolleybuses that opened to the system on 9.9.2000, nos. 03 and 07 were withdrawn in April and August of 2013.

Four trolleybus routes are operated, for which a fleet of 23 units is available. Apart from the three new vehicles and two VMZ 5298 trolleybuses purchased in 2008 the fleet consists of the Russian standard ZiU682 trolleybus
Translation: Martin Wright
Photo: On 04.09.2013, the first of the two new TrolZa "Optima" trolley buses is unloaded at the depot.
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