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Genova [IT] - Trolleybus Route 30 Shortened; Frequency Reduced

J. Lehmann - 18.03.13

The timetable was changed on 15.10.2012, and the service on trolleybus route 30 was reduced and the routing shortened. It now no longer ends on the Viale Duca D'Aosta, near the railway station Genova Brignole, but at the Piazza Fontane Marose and thus no longer goes through the city centre (Piazza De Ferrari and Via XX Septembre). Also Route 30 now only runs every 10 minutes in the morning and every 15 minutes during the day. Trolleybus route 20, on which the Van Hool articulated trolleybuses are used, continues to operate at 5-7 minute intervals from 7:40 to 9:30 a.m., otherwise every 10-13 minutes.
Up till now both trolleybus routes have been operated every 6-7 minutes in the morning peak every 8-9 minutes at midday and otherwise every 10-11 minutes. Diesel buses are mostly used on the shortened trolleybus route 30. Officially the AMT justifies this by a lack of driver training, but there are more standard 12m trolleybuses from 1997 parked and awaiting scrapping. By the end of 2011, the number of the now 15-year old standard 12m trolleybuses had fallen to 15 compared with 17 units in 2007. The trolleybuses have a low mileage. After the reopening of the trolleybus on the line 30 to Foce in 1997, the electric service was shut down a few years later. The reason was the renovation of the Piazza De Ferrari, and the establishment of one-way street in Via Balbi. It was not until 13.02.2007 that electric service resumed. There was a reorganization of the network on 05.05.2008 with the establishment route 20 extended to Sampierdarena, while the original route 30 was demoted to a secondary service.
Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: Until October 2012, route 30 turned at Viale Duca D'Aosta. Here on 03.04.2008 trolleybus 2014 was 10 years old.
Photographer : J. Lehmann