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Ancona [IT] - Solaris Trollino in Service

J. Lehmann - 18.02.13

Early in October 2012 the first Solaris Trollino 18T articulated trolleybus with electrical equipment from Cegelec was delivered to Ancona. Although testing adjustment and acceptance runs took place shortly after delivery, it took over four months before the two new articulated trolleybuses (fleet numbers 010 und 0110 took up service on 18.02.2013.
Three of the trolleybuses acquired between 1983 and 1986 (1, 3, 8) were still in service until the end of 2012. Only number 8 continued in service from the beginning of 2013. An increase in the line voltage to 750V is planned and at that point no 8 will be take out of service
Translation: Martin Wright

On the first day in service, 18.02.2013, on trolleybus route 1/4 at the terminus IV. Novembre and on Via Guglielmo Marconi.
Photographer: Veit Kornberger