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Arnhem [NL] - Now Six Trolleybus Routes

J. Lehmann - 04.03.13

The new timetable from 09/12/12 introduced a new trolleybus route, no. 6, which is being used for the first time in Arnhem for a trolleybus service. The new route now runs from Elsweide to De Laar West - so far these trips ran as route 5. This now runs only between Presikhaaf and Schuijtgraf. Each route runs every 15 minutes so on the common section there is still a 7 ½-minute interval. In the evening route 6 from De Laar West terminates at the railway station and is then linked to route 2 to Hoogkamp. On Sundays,route 6 runs every 30 minutes on the entire route, so a 15-minute service is offered to the common section of route.

Also at the time of the timetable change, route 3 received a better connection to Burger's Zoo. This will now be served daily at 15-minute intervals, and the Openluchtmuseum will also be better served by means of 900 m of new overhead via Schelmseweg and Cattepoelseweg. The newly created stop shortens the walk to the entrance to about 300 m. The old wiring on the Eduard van Beinumlaan and the Brandts Buysweg to the former terminus at Alteveer has been dismantled.

The new overhead line in the residential area 'Cranevelt has been erected without any turnbacks. So in the evening peak it is not possible to turn right onto the Schelmseweg without using the loop at Burgers' Zoo. Even the intersection at Beethovenlaan / Kluizeweg where the branch for the two stops via Alteveer 't Cranevelt has been dismantled. Only bus shelters give traces of the old route.

Since December 2012 route 1 again runs from Velp to Oosterbeek while route 3 goes from Burger's Zoo to Het Dufje. Both routes need 6 runs for a 15-minute service. The change has allowed more optimal turn-around times.

Masts have already been erected for the planned extension of Line 3 into the neighbouring community of Huissen, for example on the newly created bus lane past the housing estate at Het Dufje, however the municipal council of the neighbouring community has not yet taken the decision to build the trolley bus route. Some residents intend to overturn the new trolley bus links by a referendum. The additional connection of a residential area by a trolleybus loop has met opposition. In addition, the residents would have to give up route 33, which goes on to Nijmegen. Route 300, which also runs between Arnhem and Nijmegen via Huissen, will however remain.

While routes1, 3, 5 and 6 operate every 15 minutes (route 2 every 30 minutes), route 7 continues to run a 10-minute service. The exception is during holidays, when the 7 also runs at15-minute intervals, served by six runs. A total of 36 runs are needed for the six trolleybus routes, but there are currently only 39 trolleybuses. On 27th December Duo bus 5201 (VanHool / Kiepe) built in 1993 suffered a short circuit in the diesel engine, the fire was brought under control quickly, but a repair was not carried out in view of the new supply of trolley buses from April 2013. Thus no. 5201 was put into store on 02.06.2013 in the neighbouring town of Tiel, where the last high-floor standard trolleybuses 5177 and 5180 were also put into store in December 2012.

The Berkhof trolleybuses of the second series of 2002 (5222-5231) have been fitted with air conditioning for the passenger compartment, this is made visible by the two new roof boxes. All Berkhof trolleybuses of both series (5212-5231) been fitted with that fold out and which can been controlled from the driver's seat. In contrast the wheelchair ramps on the converted SwissTrolleys operate horizontally. The nine trolleybuses delivered in 2009 received air conditioning for the passenger compartment, which also received new seat covers similar to those in the 144 MAN-gas buses put into service in December.
Numbers 5202-211 have not been rebuilt, these nearly 15-year old low-floor trolleybuses are being replaced in mid-2013 by eleven SwissTrolley4 from Hess and they are available for sale. The new Swiss Trolleys have the same front as the batch from 2009. They are also are 18 m long and have three doorways, but as with the trolleybuses for Winterthur, they only have one traction motor.

Translation: Martin Wright

Above: Routes 1 and 3 were given back their original termini Velp and Het Duijfe.
Below: On 15.02.2013 trolleybus 5230 approaches the provisional new stop at Openluchtmuseum. Photographer : J. Lehmann

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