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Solingen [DE] - Extension to Vohwinkel Station from 2014?

J. Lehmann - 15.04.13

In May 2012, Wuppertal council received a grant offer letter from Transport Authority Rhein-Ruhr (VRR) totalling approximately 556,000 Euros for the planned reconfiguration of the forecourt at Vohwinkel to make it disabled-friendly. The transport hub will be equipped with six bus stops with dynamic passenger information systems, to create a modern interchange between the railway and the municipal transport systems. Construction is thus not expected before October 2013, depending on the duration of the authorization procedure and the weather. A construction period of four months is expected so that in 2014 trolleybus route 683 can be extended to Vohwinkel station. The 800 m distance will be covered using diesel power, as it not possible to erect overhead in the flat underpass without major structural changes. Following a decision of the District Council and the local traffic committee, Rubensstraße, which is currently the terminus of the line is 683, will in future be served in both directions. At the bottom end of Rubensstraße at Vohwinkelerstraße near the terminus of the Schwebebahn (monorail) trolleybuses coming from Vohwinkel will rewire and go on a new trolleybus spur on Rubensstraße in the direction of Solingen. The request of a representative of the traffic committee to relocate the stop at Obere Rubensstraße towards the intersection with the Westring, is still under consideration.

Stops for trolleybus route 683 between Burg and the city limits of Wuppertal-Vohwinkel are being fitted with timetable information on electronic boards. There have been contract and construction delays since the tender at the beginning of 2012. So far, only a few stops have been equipped with the necessary preparatory work. Specially manufactured masts and stop canopies have been seen in Gräfrath, Bergerbrühl and Central, and completion of all stops is not expected before September 2013.

Road works begun on 30.1.2012 in the Aufderhöhe area currently require a replacement bus service. Since the beginning of the year, a third section of road, approximately 150m from the junction of Steinendorferstraße in the direction of Aufderhoehe is being renewed, including sewage, water, gas and electrical connections. The overhead line cannot be used at the moment, as this is directly over the construction work in the middle of the street. Therefore mostly diesel buses are being used. In addition, since April 2013, a supplementary run operates because of the single line operation controlled by traffic lights. Thus four runs instead of three operate from 6:00 am to 8:00 am on routes 685/6, the fourth run changes around 8:30 am from route 684 and the additional run returns to the depot.

On 12.02.2013, a two-stage tendering process was published, namely for 10 low-floor standard buses and 4 articulated vehicles. These will replace diesel buses built from 1995 to 1997, including the remaining 13 vehicles from the first batch articulated diesel buses procured in 1996. The current diesel fleet comprises 49 buses.

Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: After extension of route 683 to Vohwinkel Station Gräfrather Straße will no longer be used by trolleybuses. In future Rubensstraße, which is visible on the left, will be used in both directions. Museum trolleybus 59, built in 1959, comes up Gräfrather Straße on its first "Knights Tour" this year, which is offered every second Sunday of the month through to October. For the schedule see the link below:

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