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Mexico City (Ciudad de Mexico) [MX] - Third Zero Emission-Corridor Opens

K. Budach - 01.04.13

The marketing concept of environmentally friendly trolleybus routes on mostly segregated alignments without competition from private minibus routes was first introduced in Mexico City in 2010. Meanwhile, after more than two years of suspension, route D came into operation as the third such Zero Emission Corridor ("Corredor 0 emisión") on 01.11.2012. The two other segregated routes are A and S.

The remaining trolleybus operation is currently focussed on the five other routes CP, G , I, K and LL. Route K has only been back in operation since 23.01.2013 running from Ciudad Universitaria to San Francisco Culhuacan. Other routes are, however, out of service, viz. routes E, F, M, Q, R1/2 and T1, in part because of major construction work, for example for the Metrobus project in Area 3 East, where routes F, R1 and R2 used to operate.

The vehicle requirement for the three "Corredores 0 emisión" is provided exclusively by refurbished Mitsubishi / MASA trolleybuses from the series 9700/9800 built in 1998/99. 189 of these vehicles have been overhauled and repainted in a striking shade of green. A less extensive modernization has begun on parts of the series of MASA trolleybuses built in 1981-1990 with different electric equipment from Toshiba, Mitsubishi and Kiepe. 190 of these vehicles of the series 4200/4300/4400, 4700 and 7000 are also in stock.
The daily maximum vehicle requirement on all routes is currently 290 vehicles from the fleet of around 380 operational vehicles. If the economic situation permits, there are plans to buy new generation of low-floor trolleybuses.
Translation: Martin Wright

MASA Mitsubishi No. 9894 and 9774 pause at the Estación terminus of the new route D. Photo: Andriy Kolpakov