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La Chaux-de-Fonds [CH] - Decision Still Open?

K. Budach - 25.03.13

A decision on the retention of the trolleybus system is to take place after completion of construction of the new bus station. The first phase of reconstruction, which is planned for spring 2013, calls for the rebuilding of the bus stops positioned west of the station entrance. As soon as the completion phase is reached and the old bus station is abandoned, a decision about the continuation of trolleybus operation will be taken. Unfortunately only diesel buses are shown on the website presentation page showing the new station forecourt (see link "more information").

Because of the intervention of the Greens, closure of the system was averted in 2012. After delivery and commissioning of the seven Solaris hybrid buses (No.341-347) in November 2012, some older diesel articulated buses were taken out of service and the number of trolley buses was reduced from eight to six units. Besides the 12m trolleybuses 131-133 only three of the five NAW / Hess / Siemens Swisstrolley2-articulated vehicles from 1996 remained, namely 121, 122 and 124. Trolleybuses 123 and 125 were given to the operator in Neuchâtel, TransN. The trolleybus networks are geographically about 15 km apart and, since the beginning of 2012, have operated under the joint management of the Transports Publics Neuchâtelois (TransN).

Number 123 has accident damage, which was not repaired in La Chaux de Fonds, and serves as a source of spare parts for the time being. It is kept at Marin Neuchâtel without a bumper and bonnet. Trolleybus 125 is in service with unchanged paintwork, but with a few minor modifications.

While the three articulated trolleybuses 121, 122 and 124 are in service, no. 131,one of the three Solaris Trollino 12T (Nos. 131-133) built in 2005, is parked outside the depot.

Translation: Martin Wright

Top: Articulated trolleybus no.125 has now been sent to neighbouring Neuchâtel but is seen here in La Chaux-de-Fonds in the terminal loop at Arêtes. Photographer : Dirk Budach
Below: On 25.03.2013, the two operational Solaris Trollino 12T, No. 132 and 133, were on route 2 and the Swiss trolleys 121 and 124 were in service on route 1. Solaris articulated hybrid buses served route 4 and the remaining two runs on route 2 and a run on route 1. The area for the future bus station lies behind trolleybus 133, turning into the current bus station in front of the railway station,. Photographer: J. Lehmann (25.03.2013)

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