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Handan Fengfeng (Hebei Province) [CN] - System closed in 2009

J. Lehmann - 11.02.13

TrolleybusMagazine Nr. 290 (2010): The name of the coal-mine served is Niur'zhuang. The fleet consists of one sole trolleybus which is believed to be used atshift-change times only. However, a visitor in April 2009 found the vehicle parked along the route, and was told that the service was currently provided by a bus, although it is not known whether this Substitution was temporary or permanent. The overhead along the route was intact.
TrolleybusMagazine Nr. 302 (2011): The closure of this one-vehide coal-mine System, found by a visitor not to be operating in April 2009, is reported to be permanent.

These news were taken from the Trolleybus Magazine, thanks for the permission des Editors. The Trolleybus Magazine is published every two weeks and reports wordwide about trolleybuses.

Foto: Liu Shuang (Chromabus), Beijing.