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Riga [LV] - Tender for Articulated Trolleybuses Announced

K. Budach - 25.02.13

The transport department in Riga intend to publish a tender soon for the procurement of new trolleybuses. The proposed type of vehicle has yet to be announced, as indeed is the size of the order although between 25 and 75 are expected. The exact details depend, among other things, on the availability of EU funding.

The trolleybus fleet in Riga currently consists of around 250 operational vehicles. 150 are standard Škoda 24 Tr and 60 are low-floor articulated vehicles either Solaris T18 or BKM 333. In addition, there are 33 Škoda 15Tr articulated trolleybuses in operation and a few Škoda 14Tr. Over 50 standard length vehicles have been stored at the two depots after the timetable change on 01.06.2012 adjusted frequencies to match demand.
Following commissioning in 2010/11 of the first 20 Škoda 15T low-floor trams, more units of the successor type Škoda 15T1 are now arriving. The first car (58011) took up service on 19.01.2013 on tram route11, which from now on will be operated by low-floor vehicles.
Translation: Martin Wright

The 33 high-floor Škoda 15Tr will now be replaced, moreover articulated vehicles may possibly be put into service on the heaviest loaded routes. Here is Škoda 15Tr in wintry conditions on route 25.
Photographer : Kristian Grambergs