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Dalian [CN] - 61 trolleybuses for 7,5 km route

K. Budach - 25.03.13

from TM 307: Vehicles noted in August, not previously reported, were articulated CJWG150 2351-4, and two-axle WG-D61U 2295-9 and 2320-7. The two-axle trolleybuses are made by Dongfeng Yangtse of Wuhan. Evening Service is provided solely by two-axle trolleybuses.
from TM 276 (2007): The articulated trolleybuses ordered from Hangzhou Changjiang Coach Plant are numbered in the range 2330-50. These work the sole surviving route 101 together with new two-axle trolleybuses 2300-19. All fleet numbers are prefixed by "7-".

61 Trolleybuses:
articulated CJWG150 25 Tb: 2330-54
two-axle trolleybuses WGD61U 36Tb: 2294-2329

photos: Michael Russell

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