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Lublin [PL] - Doubling the entire network until 2013

J. Lehmann - 08.07.06

The Lublin trolleybus operator is aggressively going to renew its contact wire system. There are already some “Grand Unions” which feature brand new Czech switches. The first Extensions after 2000 when routes 156 & 160 (about 700 m) and 1990 (rt. 151 & 153 about 3 km) is shedulded for 2007. Main target is doubling the entire network until 2013.
Passenger counting showed big difference bettween present-day passengers needs and the routeings that have to be corrected. As in other polish cities, the Lublin trolleybus depot is going to renew its rolling stock by purchasing new Trolleybus bodies and assembling the electric components in their own workshop. Already in autumn a prototype will be available.
Recently on 8 lines 41 vehicles (of 63) are in use. All lines offer cycle times between 15 to 20 minutes. That results a short frequency in downtown, where most lines come together. Nevertheless there are many stop&go situations in the city due to road constructions and due to the big rising number of private cars.
Foto: The historic trolleybus Typ ZIU682 can be hired for celebrations, you can use also a WC on the bus! - J.Lehmann 23.6.2006

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