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Beijing [CN] - Constant Renewal

K. Budach - 11.02.13

CHINA, Beijing (302). Further to TM 302, the 110 Foton trolleybuses on order had arrived by August, numbered 95600-709. They are
classified BJD-WG120F. As a result, most of the BJD-120A dating from 1999 have been withdrawn, although in August 2012 they still provided the entire Service on route 115, and some workings on route 107. To allow greater manoeuvrability, and hence reduce journey times, overhead has been removed from a number of multi-lane road junctions and trolleybuses use traction batteries at these locations.

This news was taken from the Trolleybus Magazine, thanks for the permission des Editors. The Trolleybus Magazine
Photo: Peter Haseldine

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