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Taiyuan Xi�shan Du�r-ping (Shanxi Province) [CN] - A smartly-maintained fleet

K. Budach - 20.05.13

The route is approximately 6 km in length and is paralleled in its entirety by Taiyuan urban bus 17, which provides a frequent service. Another unusual feature of this coal-mine operated System is that the urban character of the route results in a considerable volume of non-coal-mine-related traffic, providing competition for the 17 bus, and the opportunity exists to exploit this more fully.

Unusually for a Chinese coal-mine Trolleybus System, the vehides of the smartly-maintained fleet not only carry fleet numbers, but are in a common livery of yellow below the waist, with white above, separated by a red band.
01-6 are Wuhan WGD61 U built in 2003, while 07-12 are similar, but with more modern body styling and air-conditioning, built in 2010. It is understood that three more of this type are on order. At off-peak times, only one trolleybus is required for service, but at shift-change times up to three trolleybuses operate in convoy, this being the case with the 11.40 departure from the mine terminus.

These news were taken from the Trolleybus Magazine No.307, thanks for the permission des Editors. The Trolleybus Magazine is published every two weeks and reports wordwide about trolleybuses.

In front of the coalmine waits Trolleybus 07 for workers, while Trolleybus 06 approached the Terminus. Pictures by: Michael Russell