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Tai`an Yangzhuang (Shandong Province) [CN] - Three articulated Trolleybusses for 1,75 km

K. Budach - 04.03.13

The fleet consists of three articulated trolleybuses: One BD562 of 1991, and two more recent SK562GP. The Service is very infrequent, being intended solely for the needs of the coal-mine workers and associated administrative staff. However, the number of passengers is such that some journeys require two trolleybuses operating in tandem. The line opened in 1978.

These news were taken from the Trolleybus Magazine No.307, thanks for the permission des Editors. The Trolleybus Magazine
One of the fleet of three trolleybuses is a BD562 dating from 1991, on 15th August 2012 it was used for a private tour of the line for a small group of visiting British enthusiasts (Photo below). One of the younger trolleybuses rides the normal services. Pictured by Michael Russell.