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Sao Paulo (EMTU) [BR] - Series Order for Articulated Trolleybuses

K. Budach - 18.02.13

The plans for the expansion of the trolleybus fleet operated by METRA on the suburban network of the EMTU are becoming clearer. After several prototypes and smaller conversions the procurement of 20 Millenium III articulated trolleybuses on Mercedes-Benz chassis O-500U has now been announced. These are partially low-floor vehicles. As already reported, a prototype with the number 8160 was put into service several months ago. The vehicles that have now been ordered will receive a revised front and are offered under the brand name "Millenium BRT". The front design matches that of the three-axle models presently being delivered to the urban operations of SP Trans.

The expansion of the fleet is necessary inter alia because of a vehicle shortage on the BRT trolleybus route from Diadema to Jabaquara. Since it opened a few months ago, the 11 km extension has been served mainly by diesel buses. Even before the extension opened, the existing six routes frequently provided additional trips with diesel buses .

In the future Metra's fleet will continue to be very varied. There are currently 89 vehicles of nine different types in service:
No 5500 Scania / CAIO / WEG Eletra built 2012 - three-axle, low-floor
No. 7047-7068 Scania / Marco Polo / Powertronics built 1988 - bought in 1997 from Electrobus SP Trans 7850-71, originally Belo Horizonte (where non-operating)
No. 7069-7092 Tutti / Scania / Marco Polo / Powertronics built 1996/97 - 2006 ex SP Trans 7763, 83, 69, 87, 13, 70, 71, 38, 73, 22, 26, 45, 44, 72, 19 84, 86, 80, 85, 67, 61, 29, 12, 08 (in this order) constructed using electrical equipment from 1979-82
No 7201-7221 Busscar / WEG Eletra built 2002-06 - low floor, electrical components reused from series 7001-46 (1988)
No. 7301 Mercedes-Benz/Busscar/WEG-Eletra built 2002 - low-floor front entry
No. 7400-7402 Mercedes-Benz/CAIO / WEG Eletra built 2009/10 low-floor , 7401 ex SP Trans
No. 8024-8033 Volvo / Marco Polo / Toshiba - built 1998, articulated vehicles
No. 8150-8155 Volvo / Busscar / WEG Eletra built 2011/12 - articulated vehicles, rebuilt from diesel bus series 8034-8040, 6 buses rebuilt so far.
No. 8160 Mercedes-Benz/CAIO/WEG-Eletra built 2012 - articulated vehicle , low-floor.

The fleet will increase to a nominal 109 units through the new acquisitions. However, it is expected that there will be withdrawals from the 7069.series A tender for more new vehicles is to be announced this shortly.

Translation: Martin Wright

The Caio / Mercedes Millenium III prototype 8160. Twenty of this model have been ordered under the brand name Millennium BRT. Photographer : Samuel Tuzi