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Sao Paulo (SPT) [BR] - Renewal of Overhead Wiring Begun

K. Budach - 04.02.13

The renewal of the neglected overhead system, which has been promised for a long time since the transfer of the SP Trans system into private hands in the nineties, has started on schedule. Work on replacing the overhead wires is usually done at night. The Consórcio Via Aérea, which is under municipal control, is responsible for the execution of the work.

30 of the three-axle trolleybuses ordered (as reported) have now arrived and entered service. New trolleybuses will follow every 1-2 weeks. The three-axle trolleybuses initially operate on routes 4113 (Gentil de Moura - Pça da República), 2290 (Term São Mateus - Term Pq Dom Pedro II.), 3160 (Term Vila Prudente - Term Pq Dom Pedro II.) and 2100 (Term Vila Carrão - Pça da Sé). 50 trolleybuses are on firm order and another 50 will follow shortly, but there could be a revision of specification, e.g. a battery auxiliary drive.

Meanwhile, the last of the trolleybuses which were rebodied in the nineties by Marco Polo using old chassis and electric equipment from the 70 and 80s, have now been withdrawn. They will all be scrapped. The last articulated trolleybus, 1485, has also been withdrawn. It was also an old vehicle that had been rebodied by Marco Polo.

Translation: Martin Wright

The last articulated trolleybuses,1485, in October 2012, shortly before its withdrawal. Photographer: Samuel Tuzi