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Tychy [PL] - Current situation

J. Lehmann - 08.07.06

There are two main lines in the Tychy trolleybus network. Both lines start from the railway station: Line A circles the city southwards and line B goes northwards around the city. The terminus of line A is located close to an industrial zone. In addition to the main lines there are line C, line D and line E, which operate only hourly. They partly use the catenary which exists in downtown.
Today there exist 22 vehicles, mainly Jelcz trolleybuses (built from 1986 to 2001). There are also 3 Solaris T12, which regenerate the age of the rolling stock. Actually 16 trolleybuses were observed on the entire network. Ahead of elections the city authority accepted the purchase of another two Solaris trolleybuses. The TLT depot is buying only the Solaris bodies without any electric equipment. All electric components are added by the workshop of the TLT. In June 2006 the first Solaris body was delivered.
Foto: one of the three new Solaris-trolleybuses nearby the final terminus of route A, in the supermarket in the backgraund you can buy at any time! - J. Lehmann, 21.6.2006

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