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Bern [CH] - Extension of Route 11 by 2014?

J. Lehmann - 22.04.13

After the approval of a loan of CHF 9.7 million in a referendum in September 2012, the total renovation of Marktgasse is proceeding. In this context, new tram tracks are being laid, pipes/cables for gas, water and electricity are being renovated and two new connections for wastewater are being built. In addition, the whole street is being repaved and provided with a segregated lane for trams and trolleybus route 12. The stops are being installed in disabled-friendly manner. The construction work requires a full closure of the road, so that not only the tram routes but also trolleybus route 12 has been interrupted. The section to Langstraße is served by trolleybuses, which turn around Heiliggeistkirche. After renovation of the Hotel Schweizerhof to May 2012, this turning loop was taken out of use and partially demolished.

The project to divert trolleybus route 11 to Inselspital and the Holligen district with stops at Linden-Apotheke, Bettenhochhaus and Anna-Seilerhaus and a turning circle at Friedbühl-Kreisel has suffered further delays. After agreement on the routeing and on the financing of the CHF 9.2 million project cost, which is being met by the University Hospital (57%), BERNMOBIL (29%) and the city of Bern (14%), planning permission was granted on 28 February 2012. An appeal has caused the planned start at the timetable change in December 2013 to be postponed. A housing association has lodged a complaint with the Federal Administrative Court against BERNMOBIL and the Federal Office of Transport and requested a cancellation of the planning approval. Thus, the new route is not expected to be commissioned before the end of 2014. If the decision is then referred to the Federal Court, a delay of 6 to 12 months is expected.
With regard to the further expansion of the tram network, detailed design work for the tram route Köniz to Ostermundigen is currently being preparing, after the Federal Council awarded the concession for this tram axis in October 2012 . It replaces the heavily loaded bus route 10. Other projects for conversion to tram are to follow. The next tram project is the route Längsgasse-Bahnhof-Wankdorf, which is to replace a portion of trolleybus route 12 and trolleybus route 20. However, the Platform for Mobility and Planning in Bern is demanding the abandonment of the upcoming tram expansion projects and is proposing double articulated buses as an alternative. This is a quickly implementable solution on the trolleybus routes, which operate on some sections at 3 or 2-minute intervals at peak times, but the depots do not have the capacity for this.

Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: Trolleybus 1 turns in front of the Hotel Schweizerhof into Marktgasse in order to proceed to Langgasse. Marktgasse is seen blocked off in the background.
Photographer : J. Lehmann

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