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Baia Mare [RO] - Delivery of 8 Trolleybuses

K. Budach - 11.02.13

Eight standard Škoda 26Tr trolleybuses on Solaris chassis were ordered for the 5km extension that is currently under construction. The vehicles are currently being completed in Plzeň. Since mid-January test drives have taken place on the Plzen trolleybus system using the first completed trolleybuses.

Efforts to modernize the fleet of the transport operator in Baia Mare have been made for a long time, and the purchase of 30 diesel and 8 trolleybuses was planned as early as 2011. In the end, eight Skoda Tr 26 trolleybuses and 20 Solaris Urbino 12 diesel buses were ordered. Financing will be through a lease agreement.

The vehicles are being delivered gradually during the spring and will replace most of the existing fleet. This consists of 30 year old articulated vehicles from Volvo/Hess and Saurer/Hess, which had begun their lives in Winterthur and Bern. About eight of them are still roadworthy and are currently in use on the only route, number 51.
In December 15 Solaris Urbino 12 buses were procured using grant funding.
Translation: Martin Wright

First tests in the snow on the Plzeň system.
Photographer : Dagmar Braunová (

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