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Lyon [FR] - Electrification of Route C13 Has Begun

J. Lehmann - 21.01.13

At the end of November 2012 construction began on the Avenue Lacassagne for the electrification of route C13. At the time of the introduction of the new bus network ATOUBUS on 29.08.2011 the route (Croix Rousse to Hotel de Ville) was extended to Grange Blanche via Part Dieu. Overhead wiring is now being erected on about 5 km of route so that the C13 can be served by trolleybuses.
With 25,000 passengers daily, route C13 Caluire - Croix-Rousse - Part-Dieu - Grange Blanche is one of the busiest routes on the system. On weekdays the base service is every 10 minutes while during rush hours, there is a 8-minute frequency.
Construction began on the Avenue Lacassagne on 26.11.12 near the Rue du Professeur Rochaix and proceeded from January 2013 between the Rue Roux Soignat and Rue Rochaix. There are restrictions to the pavement area because of the construction of mast foundations. The work will continue until 2014, when the route will served by trolleybuses again. According to Systral new trolleybuses will not be required for the route.

Translation: Martin Wright

The Cristalis trolleybuses previously allocated to route C13 have been allocated to route C14 (previously route 44) since the introduction of the new bus network ATOUBUS from 29.08.2011. Route 44 was previously served for several years by diesel buses for lack of trolley buses. Photographer : J. Lehmann, 08/29/2012

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