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Lisichansk [UA] - Route 3 Reopened

J. Lehmann - 11.03.13

After eight trolleybuses became roadworthy again, route 3 could resume service as from 2.9.2012. Since then four trolleybuses have been in use on route 1 and two trolleybuses on route 3. There was a special trip on 18.11.2012 to mark 40 years of service (the service began on 05/03/1972 with operation of Skoda 9 Trs) during which the entire network could be travelled. This was not possible in early 2012, as a part of the trolleybus overhead on route 3 was dismantled and stolen. Previously operation of the route ceased because of weather conditions, and this winter trolleybuses did not operate from 14.12.2012, and regular service on route 1 was provisionally maintained with diesel buses. A few days later trolleybuses operated again despite snow and ice, but unfortunately weather-related accidents lead to vehicle breakdowns repeatedly. The fleet continues to consist exclusively of ZiU 682 models dating from 1987 to 2006. At the moment, trolleybus 074, built in 1990, is undergoing a major overhaul in the company's workshop.

Translation: Martin Wright

ZiU-682V No. 067, at 25 years the oldest trolleybus in the fleet here on a special trip on 18.11.2012 to mark the 40-year anniversary of operation.
Photographer : Katya Akumenko

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