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Presov [SK] - More Skoda 31Tr in Service

J. Lehmann - 21.01.13

Two more Skoda 31Tr low-floor trolleybuses were delivered in October 2012 and entered service on 01.11.2012. There are now six units of this type in operation with fleet numbers 713-718. Previously, five articulated and seven standard Skoda 24Tr and 25Tr low-floor trolleybuses were acquired from 2006 to 2008, so that there are now 18 low-floor trolleybuses.

This means that all runs at the weekend are low-floor, because the requirement is only for nine articulated trolleybuses on routes 4, 8 and 38 and for four standard trolleybuses on routes 1 and 2/5. The timetable guarantees one run as low floor. Routes 4 and 8 operate every 20 minutes on weekends, routes 1 and 38 every 30 minutes and routes 2 and 5 once per hour, while route 7 does not run at the weekend. On Monday to Friday peak times a 15-minute or 12-minute service is offered making the use of the Skoda 15Tr and Skoda 14Tr trolleybuses indispensable.
These still form the bulk of the fleet with 16 Skoda 15Tr and 10 Skoda 14Tr. There have still not been any withdrawals following the arrival of the latest two trolleybuses. Last year four articulated Skoda 15Tr trolleybuses were scrapped. Numbers 97, 106 and 108 were placed in store in 2011, while no. 112 was taken out of service in January .

Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: The five-door Prešov Škoda 31Tr No. 714 on Ulica Solivarská, running on route 8 in the vicinity of the railway station on 10.04.2012. Photographer : Maciej Zyśko.