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Zilina [SK] - Ten New Trolleybuses as Christmas Present

J. Lehmann - 14.01.13

All of the ten new SOR / Škoda 30tr and 31Tr trolleybuses were presented on 20.12.2012 at the depot, and then went into service. After the presentation, the seven articulated trolleybuses 251-257 joined service on routes 3, 4 and 14, and the three standard vehicles 258-260 joined the service on routes 1 and 5.

Passengers were informed in advance that on the new trolley buses the doors only open when the button is pressed and then close again automatically. This has meant adjustment by the passengers as previously the doors were opened by the driver.

At the presentation in the depot in the presence of the Mayor of Zilina the management proudly reported that these were the first new trolleybuses for ten years. Moreover, they are also the first low-floor trolleybuses in operation. The DPMZ paid more than 4.8 million Euros for the ten new vehicles. It received support from the city's treasury and regional funding. From the original framework agreement between DPMŽ and Skoda Electric for the supply of 20 trolley buses, only half could be ordered following a decision of the city in June 2012. The DPMŽ must now fund the purchase of an additional ten units itself. Three new articulated and seven standard trolleybuses are expected in 2013. The total cost is almost 4.3 million Euros.

Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: Display of the new vehicles at the depot on 20.12.12.
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