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Limoges [FR] - SwissTrolley in Service

J. Lehmann - 25.03.13

The four SwissTrolley4 delivered in December 2012 received approval in mid March 2013 and entered scheduled service on 18.03.2013. They operate on route 4, and the Cristalis standard trolleybuses thus displaced have taken up service on route 6. The last ER100 were in use until 16.03.13, and now the 30-year era of these vehicles has come to an end. The first vehicle into operation in 1978 was the prototype 1975. Limoges received fifteen units in 1983, ten in 1985 and fifteen in 1989.
The four SwissTrolley have been given fleet numbers 901-904 (Registrations: CR 459 SN, CR 433 SN, CR 442 SN and CR 450 SN). Shortly after delivery the fourth vehicle received an all-over wrap featuring the series Les L├ęgendaires honouring the local artist Patrick Sobral. In 2003 he published the first books with drawings of these figures.
The frequencies on the five routes will remain unchanged at 10 minutes. Despite the higher capacities of the new articulated trolleybuses at 146 compared to 94 passengers, route 4 will continue to run every 10 minutes. There are six runs on route 4, and overall there are 30 runs. The fleet has been reduced to 31 units.
Translation: Martin Wright

Photos: Swisstrolleys in service on route 4.
Above: 901 on 18.03.2013 and
Below: 904 with the all-over wrap for "Les L├ęgendaires" on 21.03.2013
Photographer : Charly-Agora

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