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Castellón [ES] - Completion of Route and Vehicle Order Announced

K. Budach - 14.01.13

On 26.12.2012 the President of the Region of Valencia, Alberto Fabra visited Castellón. The visit included an inspection of the new, mostly completed, route of the extension to the port suburb of El Grao. The TRAM project, under which the trolleybus route is marketed here, is still considered as a priority for improving the infrastructure of the city, even in economically difficult times. The redevelopment of the Avenida del Mar is now largely ready, including underpasses at intersections, but connecting sections of route and the overhead are still missing. The 3.8 km link between Castellón and El Grao has cost EUR 40 million. The redevelopment of the alignment across the city centre is also still scheduled for completion by the end of 2013 as is the electrification of the outer sections of route.

On the other hand the 400m long section through the Parque Ribalta has been complete for some time, but a legal complaint by environmentalists has been granted by a court and the commencement of service continues to be delayed.. An appeal hearing is expected.

A tender for the proposed order for six trolleybuses with a powerful battery auxiliary drive has been announced. It is still intended to award the management of route 1 to a private concessionaire, but with a subsidy by the regional government from the outset.

Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: Inspection of the completed alignment in the centre of the Avenida del Mar, with underpasses at some busy intersections.
Source: Generalitat Velanciana

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