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Moskwa [RU] - New Trolleybuses Nearly Every Day

J. Lehmann - 04.02.13

The delivery of low-floor TrolZa type 5265.00 "Megapolis" trolleybuses is proceeding rapidly. New vehicles are being delivered by truck almost daily. Around 240 units had already been delivered by the end of January 2013, approximately 80 of which are already in operation. As previously reported, in June 2012 TrolZa was awarded the contract to supply 263 units by 2014. For the job, the company received a bank guarantee from the "Bank of Moscow" in order to finance the production and thus to facilitate rapid delivery.
Together with the 101 units delivered between 2006 and 2010, the low-floor "Megapolis" trolleybus from TrolZa with a future total of 364 units will form the second largest part of the fleet. The low floor element of the trolleybus fleet will thereby increase to 50%. However the type ZiU 682 trolleybus is the most numerous element of the trolleybus fleet with almost 600 units. The vehicles which have been delivered since 1998 till today run in a variety of designs. Thus there are around 200 units with folding doors i.e. with double folding doors at the back and in the middle and with single folding doors at the front - they were delivered up to 2004, among which are some 30 built under license by MTrZ. 55 ZiU 682 which were delivered from 2004 to 2005 received inward swinging doors. From 2005 conversions of up to ten year old ZIU-682 were carried out with the new bus bodies; in 2012 approximately 40 trolleybuses were rejuvenated in this way, overall, there are now around 310 of these units.

Translation: Martin Wright

On 01/30/2013 two new trolleybuses arrived in Moscow from the TrolZa plant in Engels. Photographer: Gregory (

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