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Gdynia [PL] - Only Low-floor from Now On

J. Lehmann - 18.03.13

In mid-January 2013, the first of two trolleybuses converted from Solaris Urbino 12 diesel buses entered service. The vehicle carries the fleet number 3042, the bus was used from 2003 to 2011 in Tychy (No. 180) and was taken back by Solaris after these were replaced by 28 two year old gas buses from Busslink Stockholm. The body of the 10 year old former diesel bus was overhauled in the operator's workshop and received electrical equipment from ENIKA of Łódź. The second vehicle, the former Solaris Urbino no. 176, is under construction.

During the Trolley Project the PKT produced a manual for the conversion of diesel buses to trolleybuses. From 2004 to 2010 the PKT converted 28 Mercedes-Benz O 405, two Citaro and now two Solaris Urbino diesel buses to trolleybuses. The experience thus gained, including technical development, susceptibility to breakdowns, and costs are now in contained a manual available from TROLLEY publications . The manual was compiled by the PKT Gdynia in association with the University of Gdansk.

Besides the 32 converted vehicles, 50 new Solaris trolleybuses were delivered from 2003 to 2012 and in addition a Jelzc low-floor trolleybus is available. The fleet is completely low-floor - the last time a high-floor trolleybus operated was on 20.12.20012 when a Jelcz 120mt (No.3380) ran in the morning peak on route 29.

The 83 low-floor trolleybuses have been given a permanent number beginning with 30 in the range 3001-3085. The two above-mentioned conversion trolleybuses will be numbered 3042 and 3043. Only two end numbers are not used: 44 and 49.

Translation: Martin Wright

The latest converted trolleybus originated from a Solaris Urbino 12diesel bus, which operated from 2003 to 2011 in Tychy, here in use on route 29 on 02.02.2013.
Photographer: Paweł Misiak

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