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Salzburg [AT] - Route 12 Opened via the Nelböck Viaduct

J. Lehmann - 24.12.12

For the third time in 2012 Salzburg AG invited guests to an extension of the trolleybus network on the occasion of the reopening of the newly built underpass at the Nelböck viaduct under the railway line to Freilassing. The ceremony began at 10:00 a.m. at the new stop at "Kiesel" on St. Julien-Straße with a welcome from Direktor Mackinger. He mentioned that the Nelböck underpass was passed by trolleybuses as early as 1943/44, in order to supply the population with food from the railway goods depot, but had never been used before for passenger service. After the reconstruction of the underpass, overhead could now be installed and a 600 m long link between the crossroads at Rainer-/ Saint-Julien-Straße and Stelzhamer- /Sterneckstraße (Linie 2).

After greeting colleagues, representatives of the council and the company board, Direktor Mackinger praised all those present. In particular he thanked them for the intensive co-operation with the ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways). He then handed over to the mayor Dr. Heinz Schaden, who stressed the importance of the new east-west connection and expressed the hope that the new trolleybus link would help to reduce road congestion. The city financed the costs of 700,000 Euros including the extension to Stelzhamerstraße and the connection to route 2.

Leonhard Schitter, chairman of Salzburg AG, said, "For years Salzburg AG has persisted in building up public transport. The trolleybus, as the backbone of inner city transport, is an important component of this. In addition to addressing the modernisation of the fleet and optimisation of frequencies, we pay particular attention to extension of the network. This year Salzburg AG has activated over 10 million Euros of investment for this". He wished passengers a safe and free journey on the new route 12. After a blessing by Father Piroth from St Andrews parish, councillor Hannelore Schmidt and Bürgermeister Schaden christened the festively decorated Solaris MetroStyle 330 by removing the stickers covering the name "Schallmoos".

Then the first journey started under the viaduct and via the intersection at Sterneckstraße to Mirabellplatz. However the Nelböck viaduct was only opened for traffic on the following day. Trolleybus route 12 operates for now only during the peak hours from 6.00 to 9.00 a.m. and from 3 to 7.30 p.m. on weekdays from Monday to Friday on the new section. The route is from Landeskrankenhaus via Aiglhof – Nelböckviadukt – Volksgarten to Josefiau. In the afternoons it goes to Europark. From 9th to 20th December 2012 trolleybus route 12 only operated in the mornings via Josefiau - Nonntal - Volksgarten - Sterneckkreuzung - Schallmoos - Mirabellplatz and back.

Since the beginning of November 2012 all the ten Solaris Trollino have been in service. As the newest trolleybus, no. 330 served as the opening vehicle on route 12 on 20.12.2012. Since then Salzburg AG has ordered another 26 MetroStyle from Solaris. The order includes different variations of an option. In one variation 14 more articulated trolleybuses can be ordered; in another, this can be changed to delivery of nine double articulated trolleybuses in either case after release of funds by Salzburg AG.

The articulated trolleybuses 205 and 207 were withdrawn on 19.12.12 and will go to Medias. Further Gräf&Stift trolleybuses have been provisionally set aside because of rust damage, but they are expected to be repaired. Only then will more trolleybuses from the oldest series (201-214, built. 1991/92) be withdrawn.

From the timetable change on 9.12.12, routes 8 and 10 were given altered routings. Trolleybus route 8 now operates at a 10 minute frequency from Hanuschplatz via Mülln, Stadtwerk Lehen to Bessarabierstraße or to Messe/Arena, while route 10 runs every15 minutes from Sam via Hanuschplatz - Maxglan - Pressezentrum/Kugelhof to Himmelreich Outletcenter. Route 8 will have one run less and route 10 one run more and in the peak route 10 will get yet one more run to extend it to Walserfeld. As route 2 continues to run every 10 minutes and route 10 every 15 minutes, an overtaking wire has been installed in the turning circle. Under the new timetable route 14 runs every 15 minutes with four vehicles in the morning. The new route 12 also runs every 15 minutes, with 5 vehicles operating in the morning and 6 in the afternoon and unlike route 14 it is not restricted to school term time.

Translation: Martin Wright

Above: Trolleybus 330 "Schallmoos" passes through the new overhead at the junction of Rainer-/ Saint-Julien-Straße before the Nelböckviadukt (above) and later just before the new stop at "Nelböckviadukt", which has a direct access to the S-Bahn platforms. Advertising for the new route 12 is clearly visible.

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