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Esslingen [DE] - TrolleyPlus Funding Approved

J. Lehmann - 14.01.13

At the end of November 2012 the Economic Committee of the Stuttgart Region approved financial assistance amounting to almost € 400,000 to the Trolley Plus project of the SVE (Esslingen Transport), as one of nine projects in the field of sustainable mobility. This research project calls for the extension of trolleybus route 118 to Berkheim on battery power in order to replace route 113. Route 113 is operated by Messrs. Schlienz every 20 minutes, every 15 minutes in peak hours, either via the Adenauerbrücke or, as with route 118, via the Zollbergstrasse. Messrs Schlienz hold a concession to operate the route until 2018, but discussions have begun on whether it will be possible to have a transition to SVE at an earlier date in order to switch to electric power.

In preparation for of the research project the VCDB VerkehrsConsult Dresden-Berlin GmbH investigated the planned route, which would run from Neue Weststadt to the railway station (0.7 km on battery power), from there it runs 4 km under overhead via the Zollbergstrasse to Nellinger Linde, then to Berkheim and back 4.8 kilometers on battery power and down to the Esslingen station again 4.6 km under overhead. Of the total journey of 14.8 km (round trip) 6.2 km is run on battery power and 8.6 km under existing overhead. The project has already been presented at the 3rd International Trolleybus Conference in Leipzig in October 2012 by Mickael Pandion, works director of the SVE (see ) and Christian Soffel of the VCDB (see ).

After allocation of the subsidies the municipal management committee will be asked at the end of January 2013 to acquire four trolley buses with full battery power, designed for the new route. After approval and successful negotiations with Messrs Schlienz, a tender will be published in the second half of the year. The intention is to present the first battery trolley to open the central bus station in autumn 2014.

Translation: Martin Wright

Not only route 118, but also route 113 runs on the Zollbergstraße to Berkheim. Now routes 118 and 113 are to be merged and reach Berkheim using battery power. For the Jubilee in June 2012 Solaris Trollino (Salzburg Solaris Trollino No.321 in Metro Style, photo: Jürgen Lehmann) and Hess trolleybus ( Winterthur No.101) together with the Esslingen Van Hool 210 in the background were used on the Zollbergstraße (photo : Gunter Mackinger)

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