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Zlin [CZ] - 25 New trolleys from Škoda Electric

K. Budach - 31.12.12

The tender for 25 new trolley buses waw awarded to Škoda Electric as lead contractor. Over the next two years they will deliver four different body styles:
6 standard vehicles as Type 24Tr based on the Iveco Citelis
4 articulated vehicles as Type 25Tr based on the Iveco Citelis
4 standard vehicles as Type 26Tr based on the Solaris Urbino 12
11 articulated vehicles as Type 27Tr based on the Solaris Urbino 18

The total delivery price is said to be 320 million koruna CZK (equivalent to approximately EUR 12.7 million).
The interurban trolleybus service from Zlin to Otrokovice has up till now used more than 23 low-floor vehicles built between 2004 and 2009, including 14 standard Irisbus / Škoda 24Tr trolleybuses and 9 articulated Irisbus / Skoda 25TR in two different body styles. After commissioning of all the new trolleybuses, only four Škoda 15TrM articulated trolleybuses acquired in 2001 will remain as an operational reserve

Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: To date the newest series of nine trolleybuses are Irisbus / Skoda 25TR. No. 402 is seen here near Otrokovice railway station.
Photographer: Martin Harak

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