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trolley:firmen - SOLARIS Again Delivers 60 Trolleybuses in 2012

J. Lehmann - 10.12.12

In 2012 the company again delivered over 60 Solaris trolleybuses across Europe. Most of them have received Skoda electric equipment. 16 units were delivered with Skoda equipment to systems in the Czech Republic. In Italy, more Solaris Trollino trolleybuses with Skoda equipment went to Cagliari up to June 2012 and two articulated trolleybuses went to Ancona, but are not yet in service. 15 units went to Lublin in the home country of Poland, again fitted out by Skoda. Three units went to Gdynia with electric equipment by Medcom. In spring the last three units of the order from Eberswalde were completed. These had electrical equipment from Cegelec, which was installed by EKOVA ELECTRIC a.s. The ten Trollino in "Metro Style" for Salzburg also received their electrical equipment there.

More bus bodies were delivered to Skoda later in the year as the basis for ten articulated trolleybuses for Usti nad Labem (the contract also includes sixteen 15 meter long trolleybuses) and eight standard vehicles for Baia Mare in Romania. These will be fitted out in early 2013 at the Skoda factory. In spring 2013, 20 units for Lublin and 15 units for Tychy will be delivered, while four more standard vehicles will be supplied to Skoda, to be fitted out for delivery to Pardubice. Recently a contract has been concluded with Salzburg for the delivery of 26 units plus an option for a further 14. The delivery period runs until 2017. These will be built in the Metro style design which was first seen in mid 2012. See Solaris press release of 05/12/12.

Translation: Martin Wright

The Solaris Trollinos delivered to Salzburg in 2012 received first modern "Metro style" bodywork. Trolleybus 323 shortly after delivery stands next to Solaris Trollino 306 (delivered in 2010), which has a conventional front-end design. Photographer: Gunter Mackinger

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