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Gdynia [PL] - Gdynia in upwind

J. Lehmann - 26.06.06

Gdynia is the oldest trolleybus-enterprise in Poland and at present also the largest network with 10 routes, where 8 routes operate all the day over in a 15-minutes-frequency. Beside a rush-hour-route (20) there exists still another suburban route (21) into the neighbour community Zoppot, which operates only every 30 minutes. Due to the overlay of the different trolleybus routes there is a very dense activity in Gdynia. From the existent 85 vehicles 64 are daily in use. Mainly the rolling stock consists of Jelcz trolley buses, which were put into service between 1987 and 1999. In the last years 17 Solaris 12m-trolley buses were purchased and 8 modified trolley buses (from 2nd hand German diesel buses Mercedes Benz, low floor) were added. The ninth (#3050) is still in construction and a tenth (#3066) is scheduled to be built. The extension of the lines 23 and 27 into an agglomerating area, close to the route 24 which was opened in December 2005, will be completed still this year. Furthermore the construction of a new trolleybus depot and three additional line extensions of the network are planned.

The former Mercedes O 405 diesel bus (!) - now trolley bus #3061, modified 2006 - followed by SOLARIS 3081, built in 2006 to, at the new terminus of line 24 Dabbrowa Mietcwa - a new line opened on 20.12.2005

Photograph: Gunter Mackinger June 22th, 2006

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