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Lausanne [CH] - Delivery of the First SwissTrolley4

J. Lehmann - 07.01.13

In December 2012, the first five Swiss trolleys of the order for 27 were delivered. The acceptance and approval of numbers 866 and 867 occurred on 17.12.12. In a press release on 20.12.12 (see the link "more information") the TL announced that the 27 trolleybuses made by Hess were to replace 11 trolleybus and trailer units and 8 solo trolley buses. In future trolleybus routes 1, 21 and 25 will be operated exclusively by articulated trolleybuses. Thus, in addition to route 6, route 25 is now to be operated by articulated trolleybuses instead of standard trolleybuses. The use of standard trolleybuses will be limited to route 4, as Av. de France is severely narrowed by parked cars on both sides, meaning that it is impossible to use articulated vehicles.

Of the remaining 56 standard trolleybuses built between 1982 to 1989 (no. 765 was withdrawn after an accident on 10.05.2012 and scrapped and no 767 was damaged by a fire in the auxilliary generator and scrapped) 30 trolleybus and trailer units will still be required in 2014 for routes 7 and 9 (with the 20 low-floor trailers acquired in 1989/90 and the ten acquired in 2006/7) in addition to the increased fleet of 62 Swiss trolleys

The bus fleet will be renewed by 2017. MAN received an order following a tender published in July 2012 for the purchase of 120 new vehicles. By 2014, 33 MAN Lion's City GL articulated buses and 17 MAN Lion's City standard buses will be delivered to the transport operator. They will replace most of the gas buses.

The remaining 22 SwissTrolley4 (Nos. 871-892) are expected in June 2013. The new Swiss trolleys have an interior lighting with LED lamps, also the gangway has been widened, as the motors used were smaller. The front door remains single leaf yet appears wider because of a glass side-panel. The reason is the possible use of the "tram front" where the front door is closer to the axle.

On 14.12.12 Transports Publics de la RĂ©gion Lausannoise SA published a tender for the construction of an extension to trolleybus route 25. This is to be extended by about 3km from the existing terminus at Bourdonnette station on Line M1 to Renens Glycines on the south side of Renens South Station (the outer terminus of the M1), in order to link to the terminus of trolleybus route 7 there. Bids are expected by 06.02.13.

Translation: Martin Wright

The new SwissTrolley4 No. 869 in operation on route 8 at Bel-Air on 22.12.12. Photographer: Silvio Jenny

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