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Genève [CH] - New Generation in production

J. Lehmann - 11.02.13

The first two of the 33 trolleybuses ordered from Van Hool are under construction, and one vehicle is to be displayed at the UITP exhibition in May 2013 while the second vehicle will run through all the stages of the approval process. The entire series of 33 units will be delivered by mid-2014.
The new vehicles will replace the 12 Saurer/Hess/SAAS trolleybuses of 1982/83 and the 18 NAW/Hess/SAAS trolleybuses of 1987/88, so that the trolleybus fleet will then be completely low-floor.
At the timetable change trolleybus route 19 was upgraded. It now operates in the evenings and on weekends, so that even in off-peak times two routes run to Onex-Cité and Vernier, At the termini the trolleybuses usually switch from route 2 to route 6 and then route 19, and finally back to route 2 again. The frequencies remain unchanged at 10-minute intervals during the day and a 7 ½-minute intervals during peak times, so that there is a trolleybus every 3-4 minutes. On Sundays, a 15-minute frequency is offered, so that all three termini are served every 7 ½-minutes.

Translation: Martin Wright

Trolleybus 688 on 28.8.2012 in service on route 19 which has since been augmented. The defective destination blind could not be replaced and this trolleybus along with its sister vehicles 686 and 687 have been fitted with matrix displays. Photographer : J. Lehmann.

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