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Chieti [IT] - Opening Announced for 15.04.13

J. Lehmann - 01.04.13

On 28.03.2013 the Commissioner of Public Works for Chieti, Mario Colantonio, announced in the local press that acceptance work was so advanced that there would now be an opening of the trolleybus system in April. On that day USTIF, the city authorities and the region of Abruzzo informed the operator "La Panoramica" of the successful formal review of the trolleybus route in Chieti, including the newly built extension from Piazzale S. Anna - Stazione Piazzale Marconi - Sottostazione Ospedale Clinicizzato di Colle dell'Ara with a total length of 9.6 km.
Directly after the first inspection visit, the work needed to meet the requirements of the safety authorities was done and the adjustments to the contact line were made. This also included the numbering of the traction poles and the trimming of overhanging branches. In addition, a ban was placed on vehicle use of the ramp in front of an outbuilding at the University D'Annunzio.

Approval from the Abruzzo region is expected as early as the beginning of April, so the formal driver training can begin. A transfer of technical documentation to "La Panoramica" is planned by the officials of USTIF and the region and the city of Chieti by 15.04.2013, then full-scale operation will be possible. Finally, the Commissioner thanked all who had helped to accelerate the process to take up the environmentally friendly service at last.
Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: In November 2012 two of the five Van Hool A330T trolleybuses were in the depot in Chieti near the terminus Piazzale S. Anna (the other three were at the depot at the Via Picena). Here is trolleybus 302 from the seven refurbished Menarini trolleybuses built in 1985 (No.212, 213, 215, 217, 219, 220 and 221)
Photographer: J. Lehmann

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