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trolley:planung - Romania- Two New Trolleybus Systems?

J. Lehmann - 07.01.13

In September 2012 the town councils in Deva and Hunedoara decided to build a between the two towns. Hunedoara, a town with a population of about 50,000 lies in the county of the same name although the county town is in fact Deva, which is about 15 km away and has a population of 66, 000. Public transport between the two towns is to be improved, as the current links with buses and mini-buses have suffered criticism from many commuters, in particular because of high fares . More than a thousand people commute every day between the two towns. The trolleybus route, which will also link other towns in this mining area, is to be financed by investment funds from the European Union.

Similarly Petroşani and Petrila, which also lie in Hunedoara county, intend introducing a trolleybus route to link the two towns. Petroşani lies on the eastern Jiu river in Carpathian Transylvania, and has a population of about 50,000. The neighbouring town of Petrila (population of about 25,000) also suffers from poor transport links to its neighbour. Although there is a railway line, this is only used for coal traffic. Petroşani station is a stop for the regional train from Timisoara via Devo to Targu Jiu
On 26.09.2012 the town councils approved the project for the 10km route. The plan is to bid in 2014 for the necessary finance from the 2014-2020 Budget of the European Union.

Translation: Martin Wright

Location of the communities that want to introduce trolleybuses (from "Meyers New World Atlas"

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