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Zurich [CH] - Loan to Austria

J. Lehmann - 08.10.12

The first new double articulated trolleybuses were presented to the press on 1st October and at the same time one was handed over to representatives of SLB Obus from Salzburg for transport to Austria. After test runs and presentation to the press, trolleybus 78 is being operated on route 3 and then is being passed on 11th October to the operator in Linz, which will put it into service until 17th October.

The remaining eight of the eleven LighTrams that have been ordered are expected to be delivered by the timetable change in December 2012. At that point 28 units will be available and routes 31 and 32 should be completely equipped with the 25m long vehicles. Route 32 will then operate every 6 minutes in the peak hours with respectively 13 and 14 runs (up till now the frequency has been every five minutes with respectively 16 and 18 runs). Route 31 continues to operate every 7.5 minutes all day. Increased frequency in the peaks was given up when the first LighTrams were acquired five years ago.

The last driver training trolleybuses from the first Mercedes-Benz O405 GTZ series (no. 4124 formerly 3, 4128 formerly 33 and 4129 formerly 32) were taken out of service by summer 2012 and scrapped. The driver trainer is now SwissTrolley 161, which is also used in passenger service.

Translation: Martin Wright

Above: On 1.10.2012 LighTram 79 was in service on route 32 and returned home at 9:01 in order to attend the presentation. Photographer : J. Lehmann
Below: Loading of LighTram 78 for transport to Salzburg on 01.10.2012. Photographer : Gunter Mackinger

For technical data on the DGT LighTram3 (BGGT-N2C) see the link for "more information".

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