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Bern [CH] - End of trolleybus operation on two routes

H. Schaffer - 29.05.06

Beginning from July 1st, 2006 gas busses will replace trolleybuses on routes 13 and 14. Because of a construction site in the Murtenstrasse, the overhead lines will be dismantled there.

The delivery of the gas busses is delayed, so that diesel busses will be used for the time being . No overhead line is planned for the extension of one of the two routes because it is planned to replace both trolleybus routes by light rail lines. However for this project a plebiscite is required but the date of the plebiscite is still unknown. At latest, the start of the light rail lines will well mean the end of the trolleybus system on routes 13 and 14.

In 2007, the rearrangement of the place in front of the main station will start. This means that during this time (until 2009) routes 13 and 14 will be operated by gas buses.