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Napoli [IT] - Construction Delays for the Seventh Trolleybus Route

J. Lehmann - 14.01.13

Work on the construction of trolleybus route 204, which is planned to replace diesel bus R4, did not continue in 2012. As previously reported (see TrolleyMotion report dated 05/03/2012), ), construction began in late 2011 with the creation of mast foundations. But before the first pole was erected, there was resistance on the part of local residents against their installation, because they would disfigure the landscape and also because they were partially located in the middle of the pavements. After the collection of over 2500 residents' signatures, the environmental report on the project, which was not submitted in 2009, has now been demanded. The ANM is now revising the plan, and now the poles for the overhead are to be integrated with those for the street lights and the supervisory board will be consulted again after obtaining approval of the local council.

The mast foundations that have already been installed along Viale Colli Aminei up to the terminal at Cardarelli Hospital have been capped off. There are also differences of opinion about the routeing of the future trolley bus up to the terminus. Work is being done on a variation of the approved project with a different arrangement of the terminal at Cardarelli Hospital.

Trolleybus route 255 continues to operate only between Portici and Via Volta (Brin). Passengers for Torre del Greco have to change onto diesel bus route 655. As before, less than half the fleet of 87 units are in use. Some trolleybuses have been out of service for a long time, for example no. 9113 has been stored in a damaged state after an accident about ten years ago. Some vehicles have been out of service even longer because of defects, and some are stored in other depots.

Translation: Martin Wright

Trolleybus route 202, the most frequent trolleybus route with an 8 minute frequency on weekdays, terminates at Piazza G.B.Vico near Carlo III Depot. Trolleybus 9122 pauses at this terminus on 11.11.2012.