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Lublin [PL] - 38 Trolleybuses for Network Expansion

J. Lehmann - 24.12.12

On 10.12.12 the urban transport authority in Lublin (Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego w Lublinie) published a tender for 38 trolley buses with battery auxiliary drive. Bids are expected by 25.01.2013. The bids should offer two-axle, low-floor trolleybuses up to 12.5 m in length. The first tranche of 5 units should be delivered by 30.09.2013, the second tranche of 12 units in the period 15.12.2013 to 14.06.2014 in a maximum of three lots and the third tranche of 21 units during the period from 15.12.2014 to 30.03.2015 should be delivered in up to five lots.

In mid-2012 Solaris had already been awarded the contract to supply twenty trolleybuses in 2013. The first eight are to be delivered by 2.09.2013, with the remaining twelve in December, and in any event not later than 30.04.2014. The 20 trolleybuses are equipped with a STDa280-6B 175 kW electric motor supplied by Emit Zychlin and a Kirsch diesel engine, and the entire electrical equipment will be installed by the Polish company Medcom.

Currently, the fleet consists of 70 trolley buses, nearly half (34) of which are Solaris Trollino. 23 Jelcz PR110E trolleybuses are still operating here. In September (3780), October (3821) and December (3802, 3815) were sold to Lutsk, where they were given the fleet numbers 210 to 213. Six more vehicles are intended for sale to Lutsk and will be withdrawn from service shortly before being transported.

From 01.09.2012 route 153 has been using Głęboka and Wileńska Streets in both directions and new overhead has been erected for the out of town direction. This is the first newly built section of the large service expansion plan, which has now been announced. In addition, the overhead wiring from the terminal loop at Majdanek to the future new depot on the Antoniny Grygowej Street is ready, though this is not yet in service. The construction of the depot has now been put out to tender. The tender was published on 10.12.2012 and includes the construction of an administration building, workshops, a parking hall and covered parking spaces for a total of 90 units. The scheduled start of construction is on the 01.04.2013, with completion expected in November 2015.

Additional network enhancements are already under construction, specifically along the following streets: Aleja Unii Lubelskiej, Podzamcze and Unicka (to be completed in 2012) as well as Zemborzycka and Diamentowa streets (completion planned for 15.12.13). Also under construction is a second route is beyond the present terminal loop at Majdanek. It will run to Felin Droga via Męczenników Majdanka and Doświadczalna. Here, however, major street renovations are needed, including a new terminal loop at this new housing development, so that a completion date of 20.08.2013 is planned. Construction of additional routes have been put out to tender, and the following streets are to receive overhead: Bohaterów Monte Cassino (scheduled completion: 15.12.2013); Młyńska, Krochmalna, Panorama Wrocław, Granitowa and Armii Krajowej (scheduled completion: 15.12.2014) and Lwowska, Aleja Generała Władysława Andersa and Mełgiewska (scheduled completion: 15.12.2014). Other planned sections are still being prepared for tender: Filaretów, Tomasza Zana, Nadbystrzycka streets will be electrified and there will be an extension to Abramowice.

Overall, by 2015 the overhead line network will nearly double from the current 32 km with about 26.5 km of new overhead, and will reach almost all important parts of the city.

Translation: Martin Wright

Photo: Solaris Trollino 3869 on 03.09.2012 running on route 153 on ul Wileńska which is now navigable in both directions.
Photographer: Bohdan Turżański (

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