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Cagliari [IT] - I Feelobus

J. Lehmann - 13.08.12

The remaining six Solaris Trollino trolleybus entered service on 14th June 2012. Passengers were urged to “try the new ecological trolleybuses”. The 16 new trolleybuses now operate not only on the routes 30 and 31 but also on urban route 5.

Route 5 has been operating over its entire route since 16th July. It is again operating via Viale Luigi Merello and Piazza Armi, then via Via Is Mirrionis to the terminal at Via Giovanni Cinquini with the end stop outside the Parco San Michele.

The roughly 3 km length of route was closed in August 2010 when Piazza Armi was closed to heavy vehicles. Since then passengers had to travel on route 58 which is operated by mini-buses as an extension of route 8.

From 11th to 25th August a reduced summer service is in operation. Trolleybus routes 30 and 31 run every 15 minutes with a 13 minute frequency offered only between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. route 5 also runs every 15 minutes but as the extended route 5/11 as on Sundays.

Translation: Martin Wright

Above: the sticker for “I FeelObus”
Below: On 31.03.2012 Solaris 710 uses its auxiliary motor to overtake trolleybus 643, which is waiting at the Vergine di Lluc terminus of route 5 . On Sundays and during the summer route 5 is projected to Calamosca, the terminus of route 11, about 1 km further along the Viale San Bartolomeo. Photographer: J. Lehmann

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