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Makhachkala [RU] - New Trolleybus Routes to Connect Outlying Areas

J. Lehmann - 10.12.12

On 15th and 16th September 2012 the capital of the Russian Republic of Dagestan celebrated 155 years since its foundation. During the Jubilee celibrations a series of new projects were announced. One is the new road from Machatschkala through the communities on the coast of the Caspian Sea to Kaspijsk, which lies about 18 km to the south. Trolleybus overhead is being erected here in order to connect the capital to the fourth biggest town in Dagestan.

Since 2010 Kaspijsk has had a population of over 100,000 but its links to the capital are inadequate. The only possibility is to use a taxi for between 200 and 300 roubles. The new trolleybus route from Machatschkala is to be opened this year and will be numbered 12. Following the re-opening of trolleybus route 3 on13.02.2011 there are now four trolleybus routes in the city. The fleet has again risen above 50, after twenty new ZIU682 vehicles were purchased in 2010. They carry the fleet numbers 223-242.
More communities in the hinterland are to be connected to the trolleybus network as follows: in 2013 Semender and Krasnoarmeyskoye north of the capital and in the following year Leninkent, which lies about 8 km west of the capital.

Translation: Martin Wright

Above: ZiU-682 no.229, seen here on route 3, which opened early in 2011, is a newly built vehicle, on which proven parts such as folding doors are used.
Source: Саша (alder999,, Juni 2011