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Lausanne [CH] - First 5 of 27 SwissTrolley Under Construction

J. Lehmann - 10.09.12

The first SwissTrolleys will be delivered to Lausanne at the end of 2012. The five trolleybuses have been constructed and are having their electrical equipment installed by Vossloh-Kiepe at the Hess works. The vehicles were on show at the Hess open day on 25th August.

The front is identical to the SwissTrolley3; so far only the four vehicles for Limoges have received a tram-like front. A glass panel is located to the rear of the single leaf front door as the door framework is standardised for a 1.3m wide twin leaf swing door. With the tram front, a wider 85cm single leaf door begins here. The chassis construction is built up in modules to optimise the weight. To improve the passenger ride there is independent suspension on the front axle; the drive axle, also from ZF, is strengthened, and also makes a wider gangway possible. The interior lighting is provided by long-life low maintenance LED lamps. A total of 27 units has been ordered. The remaining 22 SwissTrolley4s will follow in 2013.

A minor timetable change on 27 August brought alterations to the service to the quarters norh of Renens. Routes 17 and 18 travel to new termini while local bus routes 31,32 and 33 have been altered and a new route 38 introduced. The timetable of trolleybus route 7 to Renens has not been altered and it continues to operate every 5 to 6 minutes in the peak and every 7.5 minutes off-peak, although motor bus route 17 operates parallel to route 7 every 15 to 20 minutes.

Planning for the network after December 2013 [Réseau 2014 (R14)] calls for the increase in frequency on all routes and an extension of trolleybus route 25 (Pully - Bourdonnette) to Renens Station.

Roadworks during the summer school holidays caused changes in the allocation of trolleybuses. Trolleybus route 9, usually served by trolleybus and trailer units, was curtailed in the direction of Lutry-Corniche to the roundabout before the stop at Rive and was served exclusively by articulated trolleybuses. Moreover route 6, having reached its final stop at Sallaz, had to travel to the turning circle at Valmont using auxiliary motors because half the carriageway was closed by building works. Swisstrolleys were also used exclusively on this route.
Translation: Martin Wright

Above: On 13.07.2012 SwissTrolley 864 negotiates the roundabout between the stops at Voisinand and Rive at the entry to Lutry-Corniche using its auxiliary motor.
Photographer: Martin Schmelter
Below: one of the first five SwissTrolley4 for Lausanne was on show at the Hess open day on 25.08.12. Photographer: Jürgen Lehmann

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