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Hradec Kralove [CZ] - Delivery of more Skoda 30Tr trolleybuses

J. Lehmann - 25.02.12

The operator received five more 12m SOR/Skoda 30TR trolleybuses in November 2011; they entered service on 24 November with fleet numbers 12-16. This was the second delivery under a master contract signed on 15.11.2010 with Skoda Electric and SOR that provides for the delivery of up to 31 vehicles in the period from 2011 to 2013. Eleven out of the maximum 13 SOR/Skoda 31TR articulated trolleybuses were put into service in April 2011. The latest five trolleybuses follow the initial delivery of the first two axle SOR/Skoda 30TR trolleybus in September.
Six more SOR/Skoda 30Tr have been ordered for spring 2012, of which two will be equipped with a powerful 100kW diesel generator made by Kirsch. The diesel generator will be positioned on the right hand side between the third and fourth doors.
As with the articulated trolleybuses, the standard trolleybuses are “christened” with the name of a fairy tale character, which is depicted under the front windscreen.
With the arrival of the new vehicles, Skoda 21Tr trolleybuses nos. 35 and 42 have been taken out of service. Two units of this type were previously withdrawn in 2010, so that only 18 Skoda 21Tr trolleybuses now remain in the fleet.
Translation: Martin Wright

SOR/Skoda 30Tr Nr. 14 with the name "Lopuchová víla" in winter service on route 7.
Photographer: Jakub Jezbera (, 16.02.2012

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