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Montreal [CA] - Reintroduction of trolleybuses in Montreal?

K. Budach - 09.01.12

In the Canadian metropolis of Montreal, the design of a trolleybus system is being explored. In a first step, 42 km of trolleybus line are being envisaged. In 2012, the results of a study are expected, which will present the consequences of such a system concerning cost structure and environmental friendliness in detail. As alternative, battery buses with charging stations are also being examined.

In first estimates, costs of up to 300 mio. Can$ have been calculated for a first phase with around 40 vehicles, which could approximately be implemented until 2016. In the medium term, however, the procurement of 100-150 articulated buses is intended, if the results of the study are positive. The idea of trolleybus system came up as a cost-efficient alternative to the construction of a city railway, for which 750 mio. Can$ were estimated for a 12.5 km city line, which could not be financed under the current circumstances. Next to the trolleybus option, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) also considers other electric bus variants, as it has been requested by the city municipal government to convert the whole fleet to electric drives until 2025.

As a preliminary stage, only hybrid buses were procured as of 2010, battery buses are being envisaged for some less frequented branch lines, for the main lines, the tried and tested technology of the trolleybus has been accepted in order to reach the goal of completely electrified public transport.
As a first candidate for electrification, the existing bus line 105 Metro Vendôme - Concordia University Loyola Campus has been mentioned, which is used by an average of approximately 17,000 passengers per weekday.

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