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Linz [AT] - Commitment to trolleybuses

J. Lehmann - 13.02.12

In a press release dated 1st February 2012 the deputy mayor of Linz, Klaus Luger, announced the results of an investigation by a working group of the local transport committee and LINZ LINIEN. Mains electric powered vehicles such as trams and trolleybuses are to be given preference over hybrid buses, as the former are more effective in reducing CO2 emissions. The report concluded that an increased use of either battery electric cars for personal transport or hybrid vehicles would only bring limited benefits. The result of tests held last year showed only a 1% reduction with battery vehicles and an 11% reduction with hybrids. Over the last two years hybrid buses from several manufacturers have been tested in order to obtain an objective picture of the technical and economic opportunities, as well as the strengths and weaknesses etc of the technology. The latest vehicle has been the Mercedes Benz Citaro G Blue-Tec Hybrid from December 2011 to the end of January 2012, which should give information about the winter performance of hybrid buses.
“The future will definitely lie in the extension of electrified public transport and here, once again, the tramway network” said Klaus Luger in setting out the aims of the city’s transport policy. Thus projects for the expansion of the tramway network will have priority. The tram line which was built last year from Linz to Harter Plateau is to be extended by about 4km to Traun by 2015 at the latest. Another 2.5km of track is planned for the tramway extension to Pilching. Currently in the planning stage is a second trunk line through Linz which will use 6.5km of new track. These measures will increase the proportion of electric transport in the Linz system from its already relatively high proportion of 73% of the network that is already served by tramways and trolleybuses.
The overhead for routes 41 and 43, which had been dismantled as a result of the doubling of the tracks of the Westbahn, has been re-erected. The interruption had lasted from July 2011 and had caused five months of bus substitution. Trolleybuses have been in operation on all four routes since 22nd December 2012. A further interruption is expected in August 2013.
Of the 20 runs allocated after 13.00 to the four trolleybus routes, more than six diesel buses. At the moment five trolleybuses are inoperable because of a lack of spare parts. Obtaining spare parts is unfortunately sometimes very difficult and delivery times can be very long. Under current plans the 19 trolleybuses are to remain in service until 2016/17, so LinzLinien have plenty of time to watch developments in the market before they have to take a final decision on their replacement.
Translation: Martin Wright

Since 22.12.2011 trolleybuses are again operating on routes 41 und 43, with a schedule of every 10 minutes in the morning, and every 15 minutes during the day. On 24.03.2009 trolleybus 202 passes the railway under-bridge on Dinghoferstraße towards the city centre.
Photographer: J. Lehmann

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