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Solingen [DE] - Solingen: Decision for a replacement of the last 3x-12m-trolleys/

J. Lehmann - 24.03.06

On March 20, 2006, there was a common meeting with the board of town planning, traffic & environment of the city of Solingen and the district authority of Burg. Subject were test runs with the Van Hool articulated trolleybus # 259 at Burg. Two possible locations were tested, to find a new terminus for articulated trolleybuses, replacing the existing old turntable in 2008. During the following discussion a final decision was adjourned at which location articulated trolleybuses will terminate in future. However, they agreed to purchase the new articulated trolleybuses in any case. The alternative solutions of breaking the traffic at Krahenhoehe or the expensive enlargement construction of the turntable will no longer be discussed. By the way: At the same day the 46 years old trolleybus 59 came back from restauration.

At the photograph beside there are the politicians watching the turning articulated trolleybus (which was using its auxiliary motor).

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