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Salzburg [AT] - New route 14 and prolongment route 10

J. Lehmann - 12.12.11

In the morning of Monday 11th December 2011 new route 14 ran for the first time. It operates only on schooldays (Mondays to Fridays) on a ten minute frequency, using six trolleybuses. The new route replaces the previous use of “extras”: instead of the previous unpublicised use of seven trolleybuses, only one vehicle runs as an extra from Langwied, while the remainder have been switched to timetabled journeys, for example one bus from Sam, which begins as a route 14 at 07.39 at the Äußerer Stein. Even the route X4 which lately had been starting at Liefering at 07.13 has been reclassified as a route 14, starting from Liefering at the earlier time of 07.06. The overtaking procedure at Schmiedingerstraße is no longer needed. A link has been built for the 14 at the junction of Ignaz-Harrer-Straße/R.-Biebl-Straße and this junction will be extended in the spring in order to enable route 10 to turn into Schumacherstraße.
Another change with the new timetable on 11th December 2011 affected route 10. This now operates on a 15 minute frequency from Sam, as before to the Landeskrankenhaus (Regional Hospital) but now extended to the turning circle at Besserabierstraße, which until recently had been an unused short turn for route 7. At weekends and during holiday periods route 10 travels to the Messe (Arena/Exhibition Grounds) in order to provide a supplementary link to the Park and Ride. Until March 2012 route 10 will continue to overlap with route 7 on Gaswerkstraße, thereafter the overhead via Strubergasse, Rudolf-Biebl-Straße und Schumacherstraße will be ready and the 10 will use this new stretch to give a link to the Stadtbiliothek (City Library). The previous terminal at Lindhofstraße will then only be used by route 10 for two trips in the evening.
Delivery of the last ten Solaris/Cegelec trolleybuses was expected for the turn of the year but has been delayed until the spring because this batch will be produced in a new design. The newly created "Solaris Trollino 18 MetroStyle" with its striking new design will grace the Mozart City in 2012 and will underscore its innovative technology with its external appearance.

Solaris-trolleybus 315 on training journeys on 9th December 2011. Shortly before then, the overhead link on Ignaz-Harrer-Straße had been completed and authorised for use. From: Gunter Mackinger

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