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trolley:firmen - Viseon: All Twelve LT 20 Trolleybuses for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Are Ready for Delivery

J. Lehmann - 28.11.11

The 12 specially designed VISEON LT-20 trolleybuses for the King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia have been completed and put on display at the Pilsting factory. Included is one vehicle for the royal family, which has a special interior. Instead of the usual seating layout, this vehicle has 17 luxurious VIP leather chairs which are fixed to the dark smoked oak flooring by fine aluminium pillars. Moreover the tops of the wheel arches are encased with burl wood and fitted with stainless steel rails, on top of which sit five flat screen monitors fed by a multi-media unit. The ceiling is covered in sumptuous, finely sewn leather.
A glass wall immediately behind the forward door to the driver’s area separates the VIP area, access to which is only possible through the two rear doors. A small kitchen and fridge is located in the forward section. The luxurious outfitting of the trolleybus was done in co-operation with local craft firms in the Pilsting area.
In the next few weeks the trolleybuses will be taken to the local railhead at Landshut for transport to Bremerhaven. There they will be loaded for the voyage to Jeddah, from where they will travel about 1000 km on low-loaders to Riyadh.
Construction work on the campus is still under way but test runs can already begin on a five kilometre section of the future route through the campus grounds. The complete eleven kilometre overhead installation should be ready at the beginning of 2012 and inauguration of the service is expected in February 2012, by which time all twelve VISEON trolleybuses will be ready for service.

Above: Parade of the twelve VISEON trolleybuses at the Pistling factory
Below: Interior view of the VIP trolleybus
From: Andreas Lubitz, Corporate Communications VISEON Bus GmbH

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